How to Post a Pod

Until the Cohero app is built, pods should be posted on our Community page. Please include the following information:

Title: Neighborhood: Date / Time

  • Introduction:
  • Pod type: Parent / Caretaker
  • Open Spots: #
  • Child age range: min-max
  • Cost (if any): $/hr/child
  • Coworking / Childcare Space: Description & upload photos
  • Pets in home: No / Yes [list]
  • Guns in home: No / Yes [detail safety precautions]

Tip: copy/paste the bullet points into your text field.

Note: This event is for Cohero members. By registering for this event, a Cohero account will be created for you automatically if you are not currently a member. Membership is always free. Registering for this event does not guarantee childcare. See details for payment information.