Hello and Thank You

A heartfelt THANK YOU for joining Cohero.

Your interest in Cohero helped lift me up. Today was hard. Yesterday, I found out I was being laid off, and I felt depressed all day today thinking about all the reasons why the company that acquired us didn’t want to keep me. My old company was sold in December, and for 6 whole months, the new executives told us at every meeting since then they weren’t going to let anyone go. NOBODY. “That’s not what we’re here to do. We’re not going to change what’s clearly working.” Every single meeting, showing enthusiasm, offering hope and assurance, and with a seemingly genuine smile. So, yesterday stung. To top it off, they are planning to hire someone in a similar role. My only resolve was that they thought my salary was too high—not a bad problem to have, I know. I have to stay on for 6 more weeks in order to receive my severance package. Another stinger.

The light I’m trying to focus on to get me through the “feeling bad” part of this experience: Cohero. I dreamt up this community and platform after 7 years of working from home, and 3 babes being added to our family during that time. I’ll share more about my story as a working parent and the vision of Cohero soon. Today, I just needed to share where I’m at, at this very moment. 

I don’t plan on looking for a new job anytime soon, and I’m thankful to be in that position. I’m thankful for my husband’s encouragement to go full force into building out Cohero. And I’m SO thankful for you. I’m truly thrilled to make Cohero a reality, and YOU showing interest and support today and yesterday is helping me realize this dream is closer to reality than I think.

Thank you for listening. Writing this out is getting me another step closer to the other side. And I know this is just the beginning. 

Before the sadness of being laid off really crept in at bedtime last night, we went out to celebrate my early “retirement”… we try to keep a sense of humor around here. We’ll call this the pre-launch party for Cohero 😉 You’ll be invited to the next one!

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After earning my Masters in Education, I started working in education technology and most recently found myself at a publishing company. I started working from home after the birth of our first child seven years ago. We now have three kids, ages 7, 4, and 2.