5 Articles for WFH Parents

Excerpts from five articles for WFH parents:

10 Tips for Parents Working From Home With Kids: Working from home can sound like a dream for many people. You get to enjoy more time in your house, you cut out the commute, and you get to see much more of your family. But the flip side has some not-so-dreamy realities, especially for parents having to balance work and childcare: a difficulty to focus; having to juggle work with looking after children and, in some cases, homeschooling them; blurry lines between work time and personal time, and kids lobbying for your undivided attention when you need to GSD…Read More

How to Encourage Independent Play: Here’s the thing to remember about independent play: it something that happens gradually. Around six months when they’re an infant, they might be able to play for a couple of minutes at a time, maybe five minutes. Then when they’re around 12 months old, we’re starting to look at maybe 10 minutes of independent play. It’s really not until they’re toddlers two to three years old that we’re looking at 30 minutes or more of independent play. This is something that happens very gradually, and it’s something that takes practice. It’s also something that is dependent on their environment and your child’s temperament…Read More

Pro tip for WFH parents: extra cuddles between meetings.

One thing WFH parents need to stop doing immediately: I’m not going to beat around the bush—working from home is hard when you’re a parent. Not hard. Exhausting. Anxiety inducing. Especially when your kid (or kids, or a herd of children) finds your hiding spot and barges in on your 15th(!) Zoom meeting of the day…Nowadays, work and home are smooshed together like an overstuffed PB&J. As a result? I’m feeling more nervous than ever. And somehow more exhausted? I’m also easily triggered and frustrated by my kids when they interrupt my workflow and virtual meetings…Read More

Pros and Cons of Being a Work-at-Home Parent: The work-at-home life isn’t for everyone. Some people need more separation between their personal and professional realms. Others thrive when the things they care about most care are in the same place. It takes a certain personality to manage everything in one place and still enjoy it. For each potential advantage of working at home, there are drawbacks as well. Which particular ones carry more weight vary by individual. Look over these pros and cons and think about the impact they would have on you…Read More

Working from home with kids: 9 ways to find balance: Many people cited better work-life balance as a key silver lining of the pandemic, but for working parents, those gains went largely unrealized. The support systems that many parents rely on for work-life balance (namely, consistent and reliable childcare) evaporated as many took on the additional role of homeschool teachers. Since it looks like life isn’t re-compartmentalizing itself anytime soon, here are some ideas on how working from home with your kids can be… not the worst thing ever…Read More

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After earning my Masters in Education, I started working in education technology and most recently found myself at a publishing company. I started working from home after the birth of our first child seven years ago. We now have three kids, ages 7, 4, and 2.